Carian and Sidetic; Sabellic

Rich Alderson alderson+mail at
Thu Apr 5 23:32:34 UTC 2001

The editors of the LINGUIST List are working on adding Ethnologue-style classi-
fications of various extinct languages to their database of languages.  They
classify Carian as "Unknown, possibly IE" and Sidetic as "Unknown".

Have Shevoroshkin's decipherments of these two languages as Anatolian IE been
rejected by the profession?  Or should these classifications be updated to read
"IE, Anatolian"?

On another note:  Recently I ran across the term Sabellic as a cover for what I
was taught to think of as Umbrian.  The LINGUIST classification uses only the
term Umbrian.  Which is term more current?  Is Sabellic even used by anyone
other than the single author in whose work I encountered it?

								Rich Alderson

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