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>> My original point was of course that, under those circumstances, there would
>> be plenty of good reason to expect Anatolian IE to "look intrusive", but not
>> actually be intrusive.

> -- no.  The pattern of relationships between Anatolian and non-IE languages
> in Anatolia is that which one would expect from an intrusive language.

> Eg., the pattern of Hattic loan-word distribution in Hittite/Neshite; and
> Hittite can be shown through the historical sources to have replaced Hattic
> in a clear case of language succession.

I am in no position to comment on the linguistics, but Nesha (Kanesh)
is  a long way from the presumed Hattic heartland (Hattusha). And
Kussara, if it is the east of Nesha (perhaps in the region of modern
Elbistan),  is ever more distant. Thus Anatolian Neshite could be
intrusive into Pontic Hattic.


> Furthermore, PIE lacks vocabulary to describe common Anatolian plant and
> animal terms; olives and lions, just to take two examples.  If Anatolian were
> indigenous, one would expect to find it with a native vocabulary for these,
> and that vocabulary to be preserved in areas (eg., Greece) with similar
> biota.

There are no olives on the Central Anatolian Plateau, nor in are there
in Eastern Anatolia.

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