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Wed Apr 11 18:46:10 UTC 2001

> The editors of the LINGUIST List are working on adding Ethnologue-style
> classi-fications of various extinct languages to their database of languages.
> They classify Carian as "Unknown, possibly IE" and Sidetic as "Unknown".

> Have Shevoroshkin's decipherments of these two languages as Anatolian IE
> been rejected by the profession?

Not at all!
The latest studies are giving more and more positive evidences.
About Carian (I don't have much news about Sidetic or Pisidic, but thy are
still considered of the anatolian luwian group with cuneiform and
hierogliphic luwian, lycian and mylian) just see the works by Adiego-Lajara
(the last "decipherer"), Studia Carica, Barcellona 1993; or the
contributions in "La decifrazione del Cario, first internation symposioum,
may 1993, Roma", Roma 1994; or the 1998 volume of "Kadmos", n. 37, with the
papers of the "Colloquium caricum".

>From the contribution of Carruba (colloquium caricum) I give you those tables:

Nom: 0 (zero) [other anatolian language, -s]

Acc.: -n [luwian -n]

Gen.: -s' (s with an acute accent) [hittite -as, IE *-os; but languages of
the luwian group generally form genetives with a derivational adjectival
suffix, as luw. -assi-, the declension agreeing with the noun modified]

Dat.: -o

The suffix -s-/-si- (luwian -assi-), -un (luwian -wanni-), -(a)d$- (d$=
"delta") (hittite -(a)nt-)

sas (Nom) san/snn (Acc.) (Luwian zas - zan)

Enclitic particle -xi (x= greek ch) (lydian -k, latin -que)

Alfredo P Rizza

A-šùr lugal
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