Colorado,Guadalupe etc.

Eduard Selleslagh edsel at
Wed Apr 18 05:40:13 UTC 2001

At 12:55 11/04/01 +0300, you wrote:

>Just a wild guess, which, if there are any Spanish literary historians among
>the list members, could be confirmed or not.

>Isn't it the case that "colorado" was used as a more "poetical" synonym for
>"Rojo, bermejo etc., perhaps considered less elegant? Incidentally, in the
>political history of various countries (not only Russia) we have the more
>right-wing minded people grouping themselves in the "White Party" whereas
>those at the left would be the "Red Party". Well, in Uruguay and Paraguay we
>find "Pariido Blanco" vs. "Partido COLORADO". God bless,


[Ed Selleslagh]
I'm not a specialist, but I would doubt 'colorado' is any more poetical
than the other words. 'Bermejo' might be.

BTW I'm still trying to understand the difference between a Río Tinto and a
Río Colorado. Maybe 'tinto' refers to the water color (like in 'vino tinto'
= red wine) and 'colorado' to the general aspect of the river bed (e.g. the
Grand Canyon)?

As to the Partido Colorado: I GUESS Partido Rojo would make it look like
Communist or so.


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