Crimean Gothic

Thomas McFadden tmcfadde at
Wed Apr 25 21:31:15 UTC 2001

I think some items have been left off that are a little tough (at the
moment i can only think of gadeltha = pulchra), and there has been some
speculation that Busbecq, the Dutch guy who recorded the stuff, was
influenced a bit by the corresponding words in Dutch and German in the way
he wrote down what he heard, i.e. he made them look a little more like
Dutch and German than they really were.  i dont know enough to have an
opinion one way or the other on that speculation.  in any case, there's a
book by Stearns that goes through everything Busbecq
brought back in some detail and treats all the earlier literature on it as
well.  it's a small corpus, so every word gets discussed.

McDonald Stearns, Jr.
Crimean gothic: analysis and etymology of the corpus, Anma Libri 1978

also, i think the gloss for geen should be "to go".

> geen "to see"

> 	I'm surprised the list is so readily recognizable --almost too
> recognizable! The citations I've seen from Ulfila's Gothic don't look that
> close to English, German and Dutch. Did Diamond just leave out the truly
> hard stuff?
> 	Any thoughts from Germanic scholars?

> Rick Mc Callister
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