Crimean Gothic

Steve Gustafson stevegus at
Fri Apr 27 00:56:10 UTC 2001

Thomas McFadden wrote:

> I think some items have been left off that are a little tough (at the
> moment i can only think of gadeltha = pulchra), and there has been some
> speculation that Busbecq, the Dutch guy who recorded the stuff, was
> influenced a bit by the corresponding words in Dutch and German in the way
> he wrote down what he heard, i.e. he made them look a little more like
> Dutch and German than they really were.  i dont know enough to have an
> opinion one way or the other on that speculation.

What intrigues me most about the list is that Busbecq's Goths seem to have
contracted a case of i-umlaut, and applied it where you wouldn't necessarily
expect to see it from the attested Ulfilas forms: augona > oeghene; *skiutan
> schiete.  Of course the value of Busbecq's 'oe' may make a difference

What the world needs is another great war to kill off a generation of

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