Thoughts On The Lemnos Stele

Ernest P. Moyer epmoyer at
Sat Mar 10 11:22:31 UTC 2001


I find your speculations of the origin of YHWH curious. Remember, this form is
part of, and should be connected with, the full conjugation of an important
Semitic verb.  That verb means "to be," "to exist," "to form," "to mold," "to
constitute," and so on.

To suggest that it was expanded from a pagan Akkadian Ea/Ia neglects that
important root verb.  I do not know anything about the Akkadian language, but
I surmise that such an important verb should appear in that Semitic language

It seems to me that to neglect the significance of Creativity in that verb, and
speculatively cast the origin of the name upon some pagan superstitious source,
is a real failure in linguistic studies.

Such speculation also rejects the devout religious attitudes of people who
truly believed in God, and not merely pagan gods.


proto-language wrote:

[ moderator snip ]

> Frankly, it looks to me as if the Hebrews brought Ea/Ia with them from Akkad.
> After, al la egyptienne, they started playing with the name to find greater
> truths, it got expanded to y-h-w-h, which might have been actually pronounced
> /ja:wa:/ but looked like a Hiph'il of h-w-h, thus making a bogus theological
> point.

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