Thoughts On The Lemnos Stele

Ernest P. Moyer epmoyer at
Sat Mar 10 11:29:51 UTC 2001


I am sure that any name so profound as that of God would not be a vehicle for
linguistic play.  Remember, after about 300 BC the Jews would not even
pronounce it, and have held to that superstition to this day.  So to play
around with the name of God was strictly a no-no.


petegray wrote:

>>>  y-h-w-h  ... NOT y-h-w.

>> So you reject the obvious assumption that the final `h' is merely a mater
>> lectionis?

> That idea is vary far from obvious!   In most cases where a mater lectionis
> is used, there are spellings with and without the letter, but y-h-w is never
> found for the name of God.

> Peter

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