Arzawa = Razawa?

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My theme has been that a Semitic influence impacted not only on the Lemnos
stele, with the word Naphoth, but also on the "proto-Etruscans" who may have
originated in Assyrian lands.  Remember, the northern ten tribes were not only
removed to specifically named cities of the Assyrians, what we might now
recognize as Anatolian, but also "the cities of the Medes."  Those areas
extended as far north and east as the edges of the Caspian Sea.

I prominent prefix on Hebrew verbs is the future second person ta-. If this has
some connection to the ta- forms you cite, then I suppose we should be wary of
assigning origins.


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> Perhaps during their sojourn in Assyria, the proto-Etruscans learned the
> trick of using tular boundary stones from the Kassites next door, whose
> "kudurrus" were an innovation.  But now I'm being silly.  Please don't think
> I'm ready to have the Etruscans wander the world anywhere the letters "r",
> "s" [and "n"] are found in dangerous proximity.

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