Italian as a "Pure" Language

petegray petegray at
Thu Mar 22 19:59:36 UTC 2001

>> ``The complexity of the English and French written languages stems from
>> ... introduced spellings from other languages, while ... Italian has
>> remained quite pure

It is an interesting process in languages - some (like English) use the
original spelling and learn to pronounce it despite the spelling, while
others (like German) spell the word according to native rules.   The
disadvantage of the first method is obvious;  the disadvantage of the second
method is that it is sometimes difficult even for a speaker of the original
language to identify the word quickly.  For example, words probably know to
many of you out there, spelled in German as foto-umlaut-j, or miljo-umlaut
(For non-Germanists, o-umlaut is roughly the sound in "her".)


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