".. in a sea of Greeks"

David L. White dlwhite at texas.net
Fri Mar 23 19:50:42 UTC 2001

        If I a not mistaken (always a big if), the Lemno-Tyrrhenians were
not necessarily "in a sea of Greeks" from the beginning.  The northern
Aegean was not Greek until after the colonization period, and is no more
inherently Greek than is Sicily.  Likewise, the testimony of the geographers
and other considerations suggest that over time the focus of Tyrrhenian
presence in the northern Aegean had (perhaps) drifted to the south
(Thrace -> Chalcidice -> Lemnos).   (Note that in the Aeneid the Trojans on
their way to Italy (or Africa) sail from Thrace past Lemnos without a
sideward glance (I guess), as if the place had no importance to them at the
time the legends reached fixed form.)  Thus it is quite possible that their
later "in a sea of Greeks" status was a result of later developments, not
necesarily intended by any parties at the outset.

Dr. David L. White

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