"neirt" vs. "nert"

Jim Rader jrader at Merriam-Webster.com
Wed Mar 28 14:57:57 UTC 2001

A correction to my post of March 26 on Irish and Scottish Gaelic
palatalized <r>:  I gave the genitive singular of Modern Irish <neart>
as <neairt>.  This form is given in Mi/chea/l O/ Siadhail's textbook
_Learning Irish_, and presumably is valid for the Irish of Cois
Fhairrge in County Galway on which O/ Siadhail's book is based.
But the "standard" Irish genitive of <neart> is <nirt>; this is the
form given in O/ Do/naill's government-sponsored dictionary
_Foclo/ir Gaeilge-Be/arla_.

Jim Rader

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