Peter (WAS: Italian as a "Pure" Language)

Gordon Brown gordonbr at
Thu Mar 29 17:13:39 UTC 2001

DGK's posting reminds me of a question I've had for quite a while.  In
an article about Bede (Baeda), I saw a bibliographic reference that
implied that the name Baeda might be somehow related to the name Peter.
Is this possible?  In any case, does Baeda equate to any modern name?

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> From: 	Douglas G Kilday[SMTP:acnasvers at]
> Sent: 	Sunday, March 25, 2001 8:59 PM

> "Peter" is not Aramaic. It represents Greek <Petros>, lit. 'piece of
> rock', given by John (1:42) as the translation of <Ke:pha:s>, the
> nickname bestowed upon Simon by Jesus. This Aramaic name is cognate
> with Hebrew <ke:f> 'rock, crag, cliff' found only in the plural
> <ke:fiym> (Jer. 4:29). This in turn is referred to an obsolete radical
> *k-w-p 'to be high, crag-like' by Davies-Mitchell, which looks
> dubious. I am more inclined to regard <ke:f> as coming from pre-West
> Semitic substrate.

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