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Vox Latina presents the issue as one which attacks [my translation] "a
fundamental right of all -- the right to live and (specifically) to
consume in one's own language or, at least, in one's language of choice."
[a right that if exercised would lead to labels as long as Ethnologue...]
Vox Latina makes it sound as if French is being banned, as part of the
promotion of English.

If we compare this to the voting in Spanish issue in Maryland, we can see
that apart from (maybe) being an attack on Francophonie, there is an issue
of comprehension.  I would be concerned that this ruling could allow
companies to duck out of regulations requiring the labelling of
ingredients in a language that purchasers might reasonably be expected to
understand.  It's OK as long as it's JUST chicken wings.  But what about
if the chicken wings are seasoned? With soya and peanut oil, perhaps?


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