New LPRU Research Report - "Is Bilingual Education Bad for You?" by Stephen Krashen

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Subject: New LPRU Research Report - "Is Bilingual Education Bad for You?" by
Stephen Krashen
Date: Tue, Oct 1, 2002, 7:07 PM

Arizona State University
EPSL | Education Policy Studies Laboratory
Language Policy Research Unit (LPRU)

Please note the following new Research Report posted on LPRU:

Is Bilingual Education Bad For You?:
Another Bogus Argument Against Bilingual Education

Stephen Krashen

Dr. Stephen Krashen offers a critical review of a recent study by Guzman on
the effectiveness of bilingual education. Guzman, whose study is based on
the High School & Beyond dataset, concluded that being bilingual was
advantageous, but participation in bilingual education was not. Guzman's
report has received wide press coverage, however, Krashen found many
problems with his analysis: "It is important to get longitudinal data on the
long term effects of educational practices. Unfortunately, the data set
Guzman used does not permit any valid inferences to be drawn concerning the
value of bilingual education."

This report is available at:

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