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>>From the series Contributions to the Sociology of Language

Series Editor: Joshua A. Fishman

Editors: Li Wei, Jean-Marc Dewaele and Alex Housen

2002. xii, 346 pages. Cloth.
Euro 98.00 / sFr 157,- / approx. US$ 98.00
ISBN 3-11-017305-0
(Contributions to the Sociology of Language 87)

This volume contributes to the debates about the social aspects of
bilingualism, focusing on the various opportunities and challenges
bilingualism presents to today's society. The contributions in this volume
are of a prospective stance, delineating directions for future research on
bilingualism and/or identifying important issues which have been
under-researched or which are still of a controversial nature.  All the
contributions are from leading international scholars who have researched
and published extensively in the field of bilingualism. To facilitate
further discussions of the issues raised in the volume, there are study
questions and suggested reading attached to each of the main chapters.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Opportunities and Challenges of Bilingualism,
Li Wei, Jean-Marc Dewaele and Alex Housen

I Theoretical frameworks

"Holy languages" in the context of societal bilingualism,
Joshua Fishman

Forlorn hope?
John Edwards

When languages disappear, are bilingual education or human rights a
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

Core values and nation states
J.J. Smolicz

II Bilingualism worldwide

French language policy: centrism, Orwellian dirigisme or economic
Harold Schiffman

The non-linearity of language maintenance and language shift:  survey
data from European language boundaries
Peter Nelde and Peter Weber

Language shift among Siberian Estonians
Juri Viikberg,

On attitudes towards Croatian dialects and other changing status
Damir Kalogjera

Ethnolects - between bilingualism and urban dialect
Wolfgang Woelck

The development of Navajo-English language bilingualism
Bernard Spolsky

Language ideology, ownership and maintenance: The discourse of the
"Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua"
Tim Marr

Xhosa as a "home appliance"? A case of language shift in Grahamstown
Vivian de Klerk

Japan's nascent multilingualism
Florian Coulmas and Makoto Watanabe

III. Multilingual management and education

Managing multilingualism in Singapore
Xu Daming and Li Wei

Managing languages at bilingual universities: relationships between
universities and their language environment
Bjoern  H. Jernudd


Changing paradigms in the study of bilingualism
William Mackey

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