History of Language Teaching (HOLT)

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History of Language Teaching (HOLT)

Are you interested in the history of language teaching?

Relatively few scholars worldwide seem to have a major research interest in
the history of language teaching, and most language-teaching
professionals/academics tend to be interested largely if not solely in the
present and the future of language teaching. When history is mentioned, it
may be of secondary importance only. However, the history of language
teaching per se should *not* be neglected because:

1) there have been so many distinguished language TEACHERS over the
centuries, all of whom do deserve serious studies;

2) old language-teaching (related) DOCUMENTS are of special historical and
pedagogical importance in language teaching and allied areas;

3) language teaching MOVEMENTS over the centuries could help us better
understand social and educational changes through the ages.

For some reason, unfortunately, this area of language teaching seems to have
been seriously undervalued despite its great importance. Would you like to
help save it?

1) Do you happen to know any SCHOLAR with a serious/main interest in the
history of language teaching in general or in any aspect of it in

2) Do you think you would be interested to help establish a (unique?)
SPECIALIST LIBRARY of the history of language teaching?

3) Do you feel that you are prepared to contribute to this HISTORIC
UNDERTAKING in one way or another?

Thank you in advance for your response. Hope to hear from any of you in due
course. Have a good weekend.

*Please note that this is purely for academic/professional purposes.*

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