History of Language Teaching (HOLT)

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Dear Anon:
    So what is wrong with L G Kelly, 25 centuries of Language Teaching:
500BC - 1969, Newbury House or A P R Howatt, A History of English Language
Teeaching, OUP ? And it would be so nice if you signed your name, please. C
B Paulston

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>Subject: History of Language Teaching (HOLT)
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> History of Language Teaching (HOLT)
> Are you interested in the history of language teaching?
> Relatively few scholars worldwide seem to have a major research interest in
> the history of language teaching, and most language-teaching
> professionals/academics tend to be interested largely if not solely in the
> present and the future of language teaching. When history is mentioned, it
> may be of secondary importance only. However, the history of language
> teaching per se should *not* be neglected because:
> 1) there have been so many distinguished language TEACHERS over the
> centuries, all of whom do deserve serious studies;
> 2) old language-teaching (related) DOCUMENTS are of special historical and
> pedagogical importance in language teaching and allied areas;
> 3) language teaching MOVEMENTS over the centuries could help us better
> understand social and educational changes through the ages.
> For some reason, unfortunately, this area of language teaching seems to have
> been seriously undervalued despite its great importance. Would you like to
> help save it?
> 1) Do you happen to know any SCHOLAR with a serious/main interest in the
> history of language teaching in general or in any aspect of it in
> particular?
> 2) Do you think you would be interested to help establish a (unique?)
> SPECIALIST LIBRARY of the history of language teaching?
> 3) Do you feel that you are prepared to contribute to this HISTORIC
> UNDERTAKING in one way or another?
> Thank you in advance for your response. Hope to hear from any of you in due
> course. Have a good weekend.
> *Please note that this is purely for academic/professional purposes.*
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