HOROES, HOLT and any others?

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Mon Oct 28 00:46:47 UTC 2002

Thank you for the responses to HOROES and HOLT, two undervalued areas of
educational linguistics. It seems to me that some people are probably not
quite convinced of the importance of the two areas.

As for *HOROES*, any interested party might want to approach the following
society for more details concerning the value of the area and of a book
specifically on HOROES.


As for *HOLT*, one might be interested in the following links and might then
see the need for more studies and for a specialist library of HOLT.


Kelly (1969) and Howatt (1984) are perhaps the best known, but I hope people
will try not to forget another two general works, Titone (1968) and Michael


Some areas of educational linguistics seem to be overcrowded. There’s
nothing wrong with it, but I do hope more people will begin to attempt
cetain underexplored areas, not necessarily the two suggested above, and to
respect (even if not to support) people with an inquiring mind lest they
become extinct! Do you know any area deserving more attention?


*Please note that this is purely for academic/professional purposes.*

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