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I would say, write Susan Phillips and see if she can help you. C B Paulston

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> Dear all,
> One of our most dedicated elders in the community has asked me to get
> some research materials back to the community, and I've found it a
> difficult task.  I'm wondering if I could get any insight from the
> members of this list to move this issue faster or smoother or if we could
> come up with some kind of protocol when linguists/reserchers work with
> communities or vice versa as a group.  I understand that this
> issue includes  research ethics, ownership, safety issues regarding
> research materials. The elder specifically would like to get some audio
> tapes back since her mother participated in the interviews. I assume that
> there was no such a thing like an informed consent back then.  I would
> appreciate any inputs on this matter.  (I'm a curriculum/program
> coordinator hired by the tribal government.)
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