Quebec Seeks to Ease Divisiveness

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At 9:07 AM -0700 4/15/03, Joshua Fishman wrote:

>Some Examples of Long-lasting (> 3 gens.) Societal multilingualisms: [...]

And there are lots of examples from the Caribbean, where I work. Some
involve a creole and a lexically related standard (Jamaica,
Martinique, etc.). Others involve a creole and a non-related standard
(St. Lucia, Dominica).

On Carriacou (Grenada), which is my field site, from the late 18th
until well into the 20th century there were people who were
trilingual (Creole French, Creole English, and the local variety of
standard English). There's a handful of these folks still around, but
they're going fast. This summer I'm hoping to record a few of them,
as Creole French seems to be just about gone on Carriacou, except to
the extent that it pervades Creole English (lexically and


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