Quebec Seeks to Ease Divisiveness

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Sat Apr 19 14:57:14 UTC 2003

Hi Alkistis!

I didn't say "funniest", I said "funnest".  Now that's funny.  Ever
hear of the "homousios"  "homoiusios" controversy?

I wasn't thinking about the state's perspective, I was just thinking about
trends in Montreal's general population.

I've traveled a bit, and I see that anywhere in the world, English is the
language of economic advancement.  I'm thinking about advancement up in the
higher echelons of the western world.  Where would you be if you didn't
speak English?  English is strongly associated with
the western world.

No, Francophones aren't generally writing love letters in English.  I just
thought that was an example of English bleeding into French domains.

I agree with you that the younger generations of English Quebecois are not
anti-French.  I'd say it's the under 30 cadre.

I agree also that the Anglophone/Francophone categories are
being redefined.  That's basically what I've been trying to say all along.
As long as
those categories were set in concrete, French survived.  Now that they're
being redefined, how can we be so sure that French will come out stronger?

Stan Anonby

PS I've also hung around immigrant populations of Montreal.  It's true that
most immigrants now are switching to French rather than English, but I don't
think it's their first choice.  Those who have the means are forking out the
$ to put their kids in English schools, or trying to emigrate.

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