Quebec Seeks to Ease Divisiveness

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Fri Apr 25 23:25:34 UTC 2003

Yes, that's funny. I had never encountered the superlative of fun before, so
I assumed it was a typo! Sorry about that:-)

You're right about immigrants in Montreal wanting their kids to learn
English. (Of course this tells you something about the value of English in
the society at large.) I can confirm this for the Greek community in
Montreal, one of the older communities and very much anglicized, but I am
sure it also applies to more recent immigrant communities.

Alkistis Fleischer

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> Hi Alkistis!
> I didn't say "funniest", I said "funnest".  Now that's funny.  Ever
> hear of the "homousios"  "homoiusios" controversy?
> I wasn't thinking about the state's perspective, I was just thinking about
> trends in Montreal's general population.
> I've traveled a bit, and I see that anywhere in the world, English is the
> language of economic advancement.  I'm thinking about advancement up in
> higher echelons of the western world.  Where would you be if you didn't
> speak English?  English is strongly associated with
> the western world.
> No, Francophones aren't generally writing love letters in English.  I just
> thought that was an example of English bleeding into French domains.
> I agree with you that the younger generations of English Quebecois are not
> anti-French.  I'd say it's the under 30 cadre.
> I agree also that the Anglophone/Francophone categories are
> being redefined.  That's basically what I've been trying to say all along.
> As long as
> those categories were set in concrete, French survived.  Now that they're
> being redefined, how can we be so sure that French will come out stronger?
> Stan Anonby
> PS I've also hung around immigrant populations of Montreal.  It's true
> most immigrants now are switching to French rather than English, but I
> think it's their first choice.  Those who have the means are forking out
> $ to put their kids in English schools, or trying to emigrate.

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