Language Policy in the Soviet Union

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Language Policy in the Soviet Union

Publication Year: 2003 Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Author: Lenore A. Grenoble, Darthmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA

The former Soviet Union provides one of the most interesting examples
of a nation state's deliberate use of language policy to further its
political goals. Language Policy in the Soviet Union provides a
comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the development of this
policy at both national and local levels. It is meant for linguists,
policy makers, and specialists on the USSR and Eastern Europe.

The book is organized in such a way that it can be read in its
entirety or selectively, with an introduction to the USSR and its
ethnolinguistic makeup, followed by a chronology of Soviet language
policy and its general development. Subsequent chapters are organized
regionally, with surveys of the geographic and ethnolinguistic regions
of the Soviet Union and a discussion of language policy and its impact
in each of them.

Table of Contents

1: Introduction. 1. Organization of the Soviet State. 2. The
   Linguistic Map of the Soviet Union. 3. Ethnic Composition of the
   USSR. 4. Analyzing the Soviet Union.
2: An Overview of Soviet Language Policy. 1. The Early Soviet
   Years. 2. Constructing Nationalities. 3. The Nationalities
   Question. 4. The Literacy Campaign. 5. Language Policy under
   Stalin, 1930 1950. 6. Language Policy after World War
   II. 7. Brezhnev and the 1970s. 8. Language and
   Education. 9. Perestroika.
3: The Slavic Republics and Moldova. 1. The Russian Soviet Federate
   Socialist Republic. 2. The Ukrainian SSR. 3. The Belorussian
   SSR. 4. The Moldavian SSR. 5. The Backlash of Reform.
4: The Baltic States. 1. Introduction to the Baltics. 2. The Estonian
   SSR. 3. The Latvian SSR. 4. The Lithuanian SSR. 5. Reform and
5: The Caucasus. 1. Overview of the Caucasus. 2. The Georgian
   SSR. 3. The Armenian SSR. 4. The Azerbaijan SSR. 5. The North
   Caucasus. 6. Summary View of the Caucasus.
6: Central Asia. 1. Overview of Central Asia. 2. Turkestan. 3. The
   Uzbek SSR. 4. Central Asia Prior to World War II. 5. Central Asia
   after Stalin. 6. Language Reform.
7: The North. 1. Languages of the North. 2. The Literacy Campaign in
   the North. 3. Small Languages of the North. 4. Language
   Development. 5. The "Large" Minorities. 6. Language Endangerment.
8: The Impact of Soviet Language Policy. 1. Language
   Shift. 2. Shifting Demographics. 3. The New "Nativization"
   Movements. 4. Conclusion. Appendix: Works Consulted. Language
   Index. Subject Index. Map of the Soviet Union, 1980.

Hardback: ISBN: 1402012985, Pages: 248, Price: EUR 95 / USD 95 / GBP

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