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Dear colleagues,

Attached and below please find the list of books recently received by
_Language Policy_.  I invite you to look over the list and respond to
me (akk25 at if you or any of your colleagues or
students might be interested in reviewing any of these titles.

Reviews are generally 1000 words in length and generally due three to
six months after the book has been received by the reviewer.
Editorial guidelines and more details about the journal are available

We would be grateful if you could forward this list to any interested
and qualified students or colleagues.

With thanks and best wishes,
Kendall King, Review Editor, Language Policy

Books received (Dec 2002-Feb 2003)

	Annamalai, E. (2001). Managing Multilingualism in India:
Political and Linguistic Manifestiations. Language and Development 8.
New Delhi: Sage.
ISBN 0-7619-9521-8

Benham, Maenette K.P., & Stein, Wayne J. (Eds.) (2003). The
renaissance of American Indian higher education: capturing the dream.
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
ISBN 0-8058-4320-5

Champion, Tempii (2003). Understanding storytelling among African
American children: a journey from Africa to America. Mahwah, NJ:
Lawrence Erlbaum.
ISBN 0-8058-3407-9

	Cubberley, Paul (2002). Russian: A Linguistic Introduction.
Cambidge: Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 0-521-79191-X

	Gaudelli, William (2003). World class: teaching and learning
in global times. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
ISBN 0-8058-4078-8

Goldstein, Tara (2003). Teaching and learning in a multilingual
school: choices, risks, and dilemmas. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
ISBN 0-8058-4016-8

	Hailemariam, Chefena (2002). Language and Education in
Eritrea: A Case Study of Language Diversity, Policy and Practice.
Studies in Meertaligheid/ Studies in Mulitlingualism. Amsterdam:
ISBN 90-5260-081-3

	Kaplan, Robert B., & Baldauf, Richard B. Jr. (2003). Language
and Language-in-Education Planning in the Pacific Basin. Dordrecht,
Boston, London: Kluiwer.
ISBN 1-4020-1062-1

	Leaver, Betty Lou, & Shekhtman, Boris (Eds.) (2002).
Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 0-521-01685-1

	Morgan, Marcyliena (2002). Language, Discourse and Power in
African American Culture. Studies in the Social and Cultural
Foundations of Language 20. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 0-521-00149-8

Mesthrie, Rajend (Ed.) (2002). Language in South Africa. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 0-521-79105-7

	Rahman, Tariq (2002). Language, Ideology and Power:
Language-learning among the Muslims of Pakistan and North India.
Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press.


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