Central Asia Language Policy Bibliography

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Sat Nov 8 02:29:26 UTC 2003

In connection with my posting below, Christina Paulston suggested
that I might ask if anyone has a current email address for Joe Lo
Bianco. Mail to joe.lobianco at languageaustralia.com.au
bounces back. Please reply directly to me. Many thanks. Maggie

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From: <ronkinm at georgetown.edu>
Date: Friday, November 7, 2003 11:25 am
Subject: Central Asia Language Policy Bibliography

> Participants in the Workshop on Languages and Language Policy in
> and
> around Afghanistan to be held December 12-14 at the University of
> Pennsylvania are now compiling bibliographic resources on language
> policy and planning. We have incorporated a number of works
> representing key authors and websites, and now hope to find more.
> If
> anyone has to offer either general or specific bibliography on any
> aspect of language policy and planning in Central Asia, we would
> be
> very grateful to hear from you, and will gladly acknowledge your
> contribution.
> Please send relevant bibliographic materials by MS Word attachment
> to
> me at:
> ronkinm at georgetown.edu
> Many thanks.
> Maggie Ronkin

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