For the World's A B C's, He Makes 1's and 0's

Damien Hall hall_damien at
Sat Sep 27 00:08:43 UTC 2003

I hope this message doesn't strike people as spam.  I
just thought it was so ironic that I had to react.

I've just read the fascinating article about Michael
Everson and I reproduce for you below one of the
sentences in it, as I was able to read it.  I have
actually typed it out again instead of copying and
pasting, to ensure that the wonders of Unicode don't
take away the point of this message.

' "Imagine how you would feel if your name was
Fran?ois, but there was no ? available," Mr Everson
said.  "You would be irritated that your phone bill
came addressed spelling your name wrong.  Now imagine
if your language used a totally different alphabet and
you couldn't use computers at all because of it. It's
question of human rights, really." '

Quite.  I agree completely with the sentiment
expressed in this sentence and couldn't have put it
better myself than the example which the computer I am
using provided.

Best wishes

Damien Hall

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