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P. Kerim Friedman kerim.list at
Sat Sep 27 12:53:15 UTC 2003

If you look at the full headers of the original message, there is one
very important line:

	Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

For unicode to have worked, it should have been:

	Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

The problem is that, even though OS X, Windows XP, and Linux all
support unicode - not all the software written for these applications
makes good use of unicode, or even supports it fully. Older programs
sometimes use their own text-engine, rather than the one's built into
these modern OS. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing your
settings. I don't know about the other two operating systems, but for
information on how to send unicode aware e-mail on Mac OS X, there is
this excellent site:

More general technical information (but not too technical) on unicode
can be found here:

Here is a test. I am sending this out from my computer as unicode.
Assuming the listserver doesn't strip the information in the headers,
you should see this line of text without the ? for the ç. And if you
have Chinese fonts installed, you will see my Chinese name below in the

"Imagine how you would feel if your name was François, but there was no
ç available," Mr. Everson said.

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