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Joshua Fishman joshuaafishman at
Wed Aug 4 00:59:36 UTC 2004

Please continue sending materials from CHE! Yhey
will make the L-P Listserve even more valuable
than before and it has always been superb as far
as material from your office are concerned.
Cheers! Joshua
Can you institute a numbering system that will
give us all a precise idea of how much we are
indebted to L-PL.

--- "Harold F. Schiffman"
<haroldfs at> wrote:

> Dear members of the Language-Policy listserv:
> For some time I have been trying to get access
> to some excellent articles
> published in the Chronicle of Higher Education
> on language policy issues
> in various parts of the world, and just
> recently I obtained the "password"
> to my department's subscription to the CHE, and
> as you have noticed,
> forwarded a number of good articles to you from
> the Chronicle.
> There are many more articles in their archives,
> but I'll try not to
> overwhelm you with too many forwardings at a
> time.  Some of them go back
> several years; I was aware of those published
> in the spring of 2004 on
> Eastern Europe (some of which I've sent you)
> but others I wasn't aware of
> are also available.  In some cases the
> originals came equipped with some
> excellent maps, but these don't get forwarded
> with the text.  Most have to
> do with minority language issues in HIGHER
> education, of course.
> Anybody who has a subscription to the CHE can
> of course access these, but
> without that, they're not accessible. Please
> let me know if I should for
> some reason not do this.
> Hal Schiffman,
> Listowner

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