Articles from the Chronicle of Higher Eduation

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Tue Aug 3 19:39:49 UTC 2004

Dear members of the Language-Policy listserv:

For some time I have been trying to get access to some excellent articles
published in the Chronicle of Higher Education on language policy issues
in various parts of the world, and just recently I obtained the "password"
to my department's subscription to the CHE, and as you have noticed,
forwarded a number of good articles to you from the Chronicle.

There are many more articles in their archives, but I'll try not to
overwhelm you with too many forwardings at a time.  Some of them go back
several years; I was aware of those published in the spring of 2004 on
Eastern Europe (some of which I've sent you) but others I wasn't aware of
are also available.  In some cases the originals came equipped with some
excellent maps, but these don't get forwarded with the text.  Most have to
do with minority language issues in HIGHER education, of course.

Anybody who has a subscription to the CHE can of course access these, but
without that, they're not accessible. Please let me know if I should for
some reason not do this.

Hal Schiffman,

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