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Thu Aug 19 13:44:03 UTC 2004

Dear Professor Mostari,

In answer to your question with regard to the HKLNA-Project: In
addition to coming to Hong Kong and participating in the proposed ILEC
2004 colloqium you could help the HKLNA-Project in any of the following

1) HELP IDENTIFY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (either theoretical or empirical)
that deals with the sociological ramifications of universal language
requirements in Algeria, North Africa, and the Middle East. Obviously
some people benefit more from studying English or French than others.
Most are likely hurt by it.

Those, who promote universal second language (USL) requirements, often
ignore the opportunity costs associated with the acquisition of second
languages, and use fairness as an excuse for social and governmental
neglect towards those who incur the direct cost of learning. In some
cases USL requirements are wise to enforce; in other cases they are an
enormous source of waste in misdirected human potential.

Please use the points addressed in the sections entitled Quality
Assessment and Economic Modelling of the HKLNA-Project as a point of

2) HELP IDENTIFY SOURCES OF FUNDING. There appear to be many people
interested in providing money to preserve native tongues, but few
people interested in discouraging the widespread abuse of universal
second languages. As of yet, the HKLNA-Project has no major
institutional affiliation, and it is very difficult to raise money as a

3) HELP IDENTIFY RESPECTED PEOPLE in government, industry, and
academia, who might endorse the HKLNA-Project and thus make it easier
to raise money for dedicated research.

4) SPREAD THE WORD. The HKLNA-Project can only be as strong, as those
who support its research are objective.


R. A. Stegemann
EARTH's Manager and HKLNA-Project Director
EARTH - East Asian Research and Translation in Hong Kong
Tel/Fax: 852 2630 0349

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