Native Nations, Native Voices and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands

Gordon Bronitsky g.bronitsky at
Thu Aug 19 14:17:45 UTC 2004

	Frances Sablan is a Chamorro language writer from Saipan in the
Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands who has been invited to
participate in Native Nations, Native Voices.  She just informed me
that CNMI Rep. Ramon Tebuteb (Republican; Election District 3, Saipan
and Northern Islands) will introduce legislation to enable another CNMI
Native language writer to participate as well.  Very encouraging!
	Tomorrow I will meet with a local documentary filmmaker and begin
developing a proposal for a documentary film of the festival.   If we
get funding, the first part of the documentary would focus on the New
Mexico writers who have been invited--Nia Francisco, Nora Yazzie,
Dominikk Tsosie and Virgil Reeder.
	I'll keep you posted.

Gordon Bronitsky

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