printability and standardization

Philippe Blanchet philippe.blanchet at
Sun Jan 11 10:07:48 UTC 2004

Stan & Sandy Anonby a *crit :

> So Auvergnat, Gascon, Languedocien, and Limousin aren't Provençal?

No they aren't. Provençal is now the name of the romance language spoken in
Provence only. There used to be a tradition to call "Provençal" (then
"langue(s) d'oc" or "Occitan") the whole romance area of southern France, among
intellectuals, from the XIXth century, but this has never been in used among
the speakers and has little to see with actual data. Moreover, things have
evolved, and those romance idioms have clearly become separate languages, with
differents names, different spelling systems, different norms, etc. from the
XIXth century.

> So the ploynomic writing system is broken into many varieties.  But the main
> variety is..?

There is no main variety: all varieties are equal, this is an important
criteria in a "polynomic" situation.

> Stan


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