Language Planning and Language Attitudes Bibliography

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With so many references posted in the last few days I tried to gather
them together. This is a crude cut-and-paste job. I haven't sorted them
or researched full citations, but hopefully list members will find it
useful nonetheless.


Language Planning and Language Attitudes Bibliography

van den Bersselaar, Dmitri. 1997.  Creating 'Union Ibo': Missionaries
and the Igbo Language.  Africa, vol. 67, n. 2.

Collins, James. 1998. Our ideologies and theirs. In B. Schieffelin, K.
Woolard & P. Kroskrity (eds.). Language ideologies. Practice and
theory. Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics, 16. New York and
Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, Pp. 256-270.

Also, the excellent article on Haitian Creole by B. Schieffelin and R.
Doucet is 'The "real" Haitian Creole: Ideology, metalinguistics, and
orthographic choice' in the same volume, Pp. 285-316.

Wheeler, Rebecca S. and Rachel Swords (2004). "Codeswitching: Tools of
language and culture transform the dialectally diverse classroom." To
appear in the July 2004 issue of Language Arts of the NCTE. (This
article is also available on my website at )

Talking Proper: The Rise of Accent as Social Symbol, by Lynda
Mugglestone, University of Oxford
Hardback , 0-19-925061-8, 362 pages, £35.00, AE. Publication date: 20
February 2003

Lippi-Green, Rosina. 1997. The standard language myth. In English with
an accent: language, ideology, and discrimination in the United States.
London: Routledge. Pp. 53-62.

Lippi-Green Rosina. 1997. Language ideology and the language
subordination model. In English with an accent: language, ideology, and
discrimination in the United States. London: Routledge. Pp. 63-78.

Silverstein, Michael. 1996. Monoglot "standard" in America:
Standardization and metaphors of linguistic hegemony. In Donald
Brenneis and Ronald K.S. Macaulay, eds. The matrix of language:
Contemporary linguistic anthropology. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Pp.
284-306.[From a shorter paper, "Standardization and Metaphors of
Linguistic Hegemony", presented at the Annual Meeting of the American
Anthropological Association, Philadelphia, 6 December 1996.]

Hardman, 1978, Linguistic postulates and applied anthropological
linguistics, in Papers on linguistics and child language, edited by V.
Honsa and M.J. Hardman-de-Bautista, 117-36. The Hague: Mouton.

The Linguistic Society of America's resolution on Ebonics, which
certainly applies to me, is here:

Brown, B. 1993. The social consequences of writing Louisiana French. In
Lin S, 22.67-101. You'll find more references in her bibliography. A
Gupta has an article on Singapore in JMMD (I think) with a title like
mother tongue instruction is not ?the best choice?" within the last 5

  ``Standardization and Restandardization: the case of Spoken Tamil."
Language in Society, Vol. 27 (3) 359-385. (1998)  and it's also
available on my website at

Language Revitalization Processes and Prospects: Quichua in the
Ecuadorian Andes (Pbk ISBN 1-85359-494-6) and is available on our
website (  at 20% discount, plus shipping.

Skutnabb-Kangas's or Angela Valenzuela's discussion of the benefits of
maintaining a first

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