changing language policy and ideas about language

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I'll add this to the bibliography:

van den Bersselaar, Dmitri. 1997.  Creating 'Union Ibo': Missionaries and
the Igbo Language.  Africa, vol. 67, n. 2.

He explains a significant case of failure at dialect standardization
(including contrasts between missionaries perceptions of language and
locals perceptions of it) and yet how these efforts at standardization
still had an impact on processes of ethnogenesis.


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>For anyone who's interested:
>Collins, James. 1998. Our ideologies and theirs. In B. Schieffelin, K.
>Woolard & P. Kroskrity (eds.). Language ideologies. Practice and theory.
>Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics, 16. New York and Oxford,
>UK: Oxford University Press, Pp. 256-270.
>Also, the excellent article on Haitian Creole by B. Schieffelin and R.
>Doucet is 'The "real" Haitian Creole: Ideology, metalinguistics, and
>orthographic choice' in the same volume, Pp. 285-316.
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>Subject: Re: changing language policy and ideas about language
> > Certainly. James Collins' article "Our Ideologies and
> > Theirs" makes some good points in this regard. Too
> > often I see language planners thinking of "language
> > ideologies" as those mistaken ideas held by everyday
> > speakers, that act as obstacles to their (the
> > planners') well-laid plans! I'm encouraged at seeing
> > more critical linguists examining planners' and
> > policymakers' (and linguists') own views from the
> > perspective of language ideologies as well (A. Jaffe's
> > work on Corsica comes to mind, also the excellent
> > article on Haitian Creole by Schieffelin & Doucet).
> > Aurolyn Luykx
> >

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