CFP: FEL VIII: On the Margins of Nations: correction of e-mail

Trond Trosterud trond.trosterud at
Mon Mar 8 08:34:15 UTC 2004

Dear nicholas ostler!

I am about to give a talk on laguage technology and minority languages
here in Tromsö (linked to my project

Connected to that I would like to give a quote. i believe it comes from
you, in some publicaton I imagine i have seen you have paraphrased
Uriel Weinreich's "a language is a dialect with a fleet and an army"
into "a language is a dialect with a machine-readable dictionary and
basic language technology resources" (as you see, my attempt at
remembering  both quotes are quite inaccurate).

So, do you know what I am talking about? If so, could you send me the
quote (and I'll make it famous here in Tromsø)


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