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David Johnson davidcasselsjohnson at
Tue Sep 21 17:58:15 UTC 2004

Dear Colleague,

The University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and the Center
for Urban Ethnography announce the 26th Annual Ethnography in Education
Research Forum, to be held February 25th and February 26th, 2005 on the
University of Pennslyvania campus. The Ethnography in Education Research
Forum, the largest annual meeting of qualitative researchers in education,
is currently accepting proposal submissions for individual papers and
symposia that focus directly on issues of significance for the conduct and
understanding of the processes of education.

We encourage proposals of research in areas such as ethnography of
education; research on everyday school practice; practictioner research;
multicultural, critical and feminist studies of education; language and
literacy in education; urban and international education; indiginous
languagerevitalization; action research in education; and more. Please find
our Call for Papers in the on the forum's website

26th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum

Theme: Educators Responding Local and Global Crises
Lately I've felt that while Rome is in flames, my attention has been
distracted by email. International and local crises, the waging of
journalistic and militaristic war, burn the pages of my newspaper yet the
challenges of my job demand most of my attention. Most of my life I felt
that I was looking back on the cataclysmic events of the World War II
generation, but now I read about cataclysmic events over breakfast. Students
and teachers have always had to cope with cataclysmic events occurring
inside and outside of their schools, yet the invigorated and exigent nature
of the crises of our epoch conjure pressing questions:

How are educators and students experiencing this time of intense local and
global conflict? How do teachers and students deal with local problems -
like poverty, gun violence, educational policy demands, and testing
requirements - in the context of ongoing global problems? What are the
consequences for curriculum content and pedagogy? What are we as educators
and educational scholars doing?

Invited Speakers:

We are happy to announce that Pauline Lipman, Linda Christiansen, Neville
Alexander and Carole Bloch will be our plenary speakers this year and may
also join in facilitating the data analysis consultation sessions which are
a regular part of the Forum.

The Forum hosts a diverse selection of workshops convened by graduate
students, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of education and
anthropology. We especially encourage proposals which incorporate the theme
of the 2005 Forum.

All proposals should be submitted electronically by 12 a.m. midnight,
October 1, 2004.  To submit a proposal, go to
( and click on the link for "submit a

Please post this announcement as an invitation for faculty, students,
teachers and other practitioners to participate in the Forum. Further
inquiries may be directed to Mihyon Jeon and David Cassels Johnson, the
Student Forum Coordinators, at cue at

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to seeing many of you at the
26th Ethnography Forum.


Nancy H. Hornberger & Kathryn M. Howard

Center for Urban Ethnography
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania
3700 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6216
Email: cue at
Phone: 215-898-3273

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