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Breton language policy launched in Wales
Felinheli, 03/08/2005 by Dafydd Meirion

Today (3rd August) at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, the Breton
Regional Council launched its language policy for the Breton language. At
the meeting was Jean Pierre Thomin, a member of the Breton Regional
Council with responsibility for language policy.

British government havent got anything intelligent to say on Cornish
autonomy says MP
Bruxelles / Brussel, 03/08/2005 by Davyth Hicks

Despite a 50,000 strong petition, the support of all Cornish MPs, the
support of the Liberal-run Council and District Councils, and all the
evidence of economically and culturally successful autonomous regions
elsewhere in Europe, the British Government vowed two weeks ago that
Cornwall will never have its own Assembly. Now, the UK's rejection of
Cornish public opinion is resulting in increased support for an Assembly
or Parliament, and Cornish MP Andrew George tells Eurolang that the
British government "haven't got anything intelligent to say" on the

Breton language gets worldwide attention on BBC Radio 4
Boulvriag / Bourbriac, 31/07/2005 by Yann Rivallain

Several million listeners of the prestigious Today programme on BBC Radio
4 got a taste of the Breton language and music on Saturday morning. The
BBC crew were broadcasting live from Bourbriac, in the Breton-speaking
Tregor area of Brittany. While the original idea was to cover the issue of
the integration of hundreds of English-speaking newcomers to Brittany, the
BBC journalists broadened the perspective by inviting several Breton and
English participants to talk about Breton language and culture.

UK 2nd ECRML report: 'a disorganised and misleading mishmash'
Brussel-Bruxelles, 28/07/2005 by Davyth Hicks

The UKs second report on implementation of the European Charter for
Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) was published last week. Activists
have criticised the report, yet overall there has been some gradual
improvements for the lesser-used languages of the UK since it ratified the
ECRML in 2002. Initial reactions look at the Scottish Gaelic and Cornish
content in the report.

Restitution of Polish property in the Czech Republic discussed by Foreign
Praha / Prague, 28/07/2005 by Candida Hornakova

The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cyril Svoboda, met his Polish
counterpart, Adam Daniel Rotfeld, in Cesky Tesin last Saturday (July
23rd). The meeting followed straight after the last official visit of the
Polish Premier Marek Belka to the Czech Republic before the Polish
parliamentary elections in September. The Foreign Ministers focused on
outstanding issues affecting the Polish minority including the restitution
of confiscated property, bilingual signage and Polish-medium education.

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