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Forwarded from Linguist-List: Date: 29-Nov-2005
From: Jean-Marc Dewaele <>
Subject: Call for New Research Networks (AILA)

AILA is the acronym for Association Internationale de Linguistique
Applique or International Association of Applied Linguistics (for more
information see  AILA is the international federation of
national or regional associations of Applied Linguistics.  AILA is a
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) enjoying Status B (mutual information
and consultation) with UNESCO.

During our last World congress in Madison in July 2005, we decided to
replace the former Scientific Commissions by a more flexible system of
Research Networks. We are looking for researchers interested in organizing
these new Research Networks (ReN) focused on special topic areas of
Applied Linguistics.  If you would like to work internationally on your
area of research together with other scholars from all over the world, you
might consider applying to be a ReN organizer. A first deadline for
applications is January 1st, 2006.

What is a ReN?

1. ReNs seek to promote the gathering and dissemination of information and
the undertaking of research in all academic areas of AILA with a
particular focus on areas that have the potential for new
cross-disciplinary research.

2. ReN's exist for three years and can be renewed. At any point in time,
there will be about 15 ReN's in existence. Generally, the life of a ReN is
not expected to be longer than six years. Renewals beyond the six years
would be determined by the criteria listed below.

3. For the formation of a ReN, the following criteria should be met:
a)at least five members, some of whom should be new scholars,
b)multinational composition,
c)participants are active in the research area of the ReN,
d)have a program for research activities for the three years between
Congresses and a commitment to present at the upcoming AILA Congress,
e) nominate from among their members one individual as the organizer of
the respective ReN who liases with the ReN Coordinator.

4. If a current SC of AILA has been demonstrably active, it may continue
its research as an ReN by meeting the criteria listed in the section

How to set up a ReN:

5. Procedure
For new applications, the ReN organizer must submit a proposal to the ReN
Coordinator at least two months prior to the World Congress. The proposal
should consist of
i) a statement concerning the scope of the ReN,
ii) a list of the participants of the ReN and their affiliation,
iii)a plan for ReN activities for the upcoming three years, and
iv)a commitment to fill their ReN slot at the AILA Congress three years

6. Each ReN organizer is responsible for a brief written report to the ReN
Coordinator on an annual basis.

7.When possible, AILA will, upon written request, consider limited
financial support for ReN activities.

How to continue as a ReN:

For continuation as a ReN see It will be the task of the ReN
coordinator to notify the ReN organizers of the specific submission date
for proposals to continue and the criteria for continuation.

ReN organizers will be notified of the decision no later than two months
after the proposal submission deadline.

Please contact the ReN Coordinator on the AILA Executive Board, Dr.
Jean-Marc Dewaele, at if you:

1) are an SC and would like to continue as a ReN
2) would like to set up a new ReN

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