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EBLUL and Language Boards discuss implementing language legislation
Brussel - Bruxelles, 14/12/2005 by Davyth Hicks

The European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL) and representatives
from the Welsh, Irish and Swedish Finnish language boards met in Brussels
last week to discuss implementing language legislation.

Three Greek journalists found guilty of defamation of Vlach language
Florina - Lerin, 10/12/2005 by Georgios N. Papadakis

Last Tuesday an Athens court found three Greek journalists guilty for
revilement, a slightly lesser charge than libel under Greek law. They are
the publisher Dimitris Rizos, director G. Bertsos and editor-in-chief K.
Sarrikostas of the daily newspaper Adesmeftos Typos.  It followed a
successful lawsuit filed by vice president of EBLUL's Greek Member State
Committee, native Vlach / Aromanian Sotiris Bletsas.

International experts to be asked to call for Irish language legislation
Beal Feirste - Belfast, 09/12/2005 by Davyth Hicks

POBAL, the umbrella organisation for the Irish-speaking community, has
called upon international language rights experts to support the
organisations calls for an Irish Language Act in the north of Ireland.

European song contest Lavlut - Liet Ynternasjonaal moves to Swedish
stersund, 06/12/2005 by Onno P. Falkena

The fourth edition of the one and only European song contest for minority
languages Liet International will be hosted by the city of stersund in
Swedish Smiland on the 14th of October 2006 under the name Lavlut - Liet
International. [fy] [sv]

New police recruits may have to be able to speak Welsh
Penygroes, Cymru, 06/12/2005 by Dafydd Meirion

A police force in Wales is looking at the possibility of insisting that
all new recruits must either be able to speak Welsh or that they are
willing to learn the language within a two year period. At the moment, the
leaders of the North Wales Police Force are looking at the legality of
insisting on this. [cy]

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