Congress of SA Students to protest court ruling

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Wed Jul 13 13:31:28 UTC 2005

>>From the Cape Times,

Cosas plans to protest against city school's language policy
July 13, 2005

Johannesburg: The Congress of SA Students (Cosas) is to embark on mass
action when schools reopen in protest against a court ruling in favour of
a school that refuses to enrol English-speakers. "We are going to embark
on a mass rolling action against the ruling of Judge PE Streicher as soon
as the school re-opens. Cosas will invade this reactionary school that
resists transformation. This school undermines the will of the people,"
Cosas secretary general Mpho Sesedinyane said yesterday.

Mikro Primary School, in Kuils River, refused to accommodate 21 English
pupils earlier this year, arguing that it had been an Afrikaans medium
institution since 1973. The matter went to court and in June, the Supreme
Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by the Western Cape education minister
who tried to force the school to change its language policy.

"If it means we should make the Western Cape ungovernable, we will do so
without fear of any contradictions. Refusing to allow students entry is an
insult to them. Those students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and they
are using language as a lock to close doors for those learners,"
Sesedinyane said.

Cosas would also urge the Western Cape education department to appeal
against the court judgment.

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