Army Discharges Arabic-Speaking Soldier

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Wed Aug 9 02:34:28 UTC 2006

  Thanks for your comment. The posting of news items representing a variety of opinions is one of the most valuable services you provide on this list. I am confident that the majority of list members are capable of understanding what is a newspaper article, be able to make their own critical judgement about the content, and not interpret the posting of the items as somehow reflective of the views of the poster.
  The article on the discharged Arabic-speaking soldier is most definately a language policy issue, particularly given the major shortage the government has of Arabic speakers. 
  Keep the articles coming!
  Wayne E. Wright, PhD
  Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
  University of Texas, San Antonio

Harold Schiffman <haroldfs at> wrote:
    As "moderator" of this listserv, I should say that the articles I forward are those that I find mentioning language and/or policy, and that some of them are in fact objectionable to me.  (These are mostly in the area of the attacks on illegal immigrants, the "need" for officialization of English, the "refusal" of immigrants to learn English, etc. etc.) 
  I send some of these along because it seems to me that people on this list need to know what's being said in sources they might not usually read.  Part of the point of sending any or all is to stimulate discussion; so if people would like to discuss what's wrong with the reportage, this is what is supposed to happen. 
  So I welcome contrary opinions, and/or more accurate information.
  H. Schiffman
  List Owner
  On 07 Aug 2006 20:41:36 -0700, Michael Erard <erard at> wrote:         I will second Bill Beeman's note and add that this is a listserve, not a peer-reviewed journal, a fact-checked publication, or an outlet for government opinion.

  Michael Erard

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