Karnataka: Petition of Bellary school disposed of

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Karnataka - Bangalore

Petition of Bellary school disposed of

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Thursday disposed of a petition by
a school from Bellary stating that the State Government had chosen not to
enforce this year its order directing the schools, which had violated the
medium of instruction, to close down. In its petition, Pupil Tree
Foundation of Bellary said that it was permitted to run a primary school
from the first to sixth standard. It said it had been permitted to open a
Kannada-medium school. It said on July 13, 2006, it received a notice by
the Education authorities asking it to explain why it had started an
English-medium school.

The notice said this is contrary to the language policy of the State
enunciated on April 29, 1994, order in which it had said that the medium
of instruction should either be in the mother tongue or in Kannada. The
school urged the court to quash the April 1994 order and also set aside
the July 13 notification as it is ultra vires and illegal.  Government
advocate B. Manohar contended that though the institution had given an
undertaking that it would open a Kannada-medium school, it had violated
the norms by opening an English-medium school. He said the school had not
given an undertaking as had been given by other schools saying that they
would not violate the provisions of the undertaking. Justice B.S. Patil
observed that he had disposed of petitions by several schools in the light
of the Government move and said it would hold good to Pupil Tree too.


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