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Studies in Specialized Discourse
Series Title: Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication.
Vol. 41 2006
Publisher: Peter Lang AG

Editor: John Flowerdew
Author: Maurizio Gotti, University of Bergamo

This volume brings together a selection of papers originally presented at
the Language for Specific Purposes Symposium which took place in Bergamo,
Italy from 29 August to 2 September, 2005. In selecting from papers on
specialized discourse presented at this conference, the editors have tried
to create a thematic unity by grouping the papers according to four
disciplinary areas: academic and scientific discourse, business discourse,
institutional discourse, and legal discourse. Within these fields, a
diversity of approaches has been maintained in order to represent the
eclectic nature of studies in specialized discourse as they are carried
out today.

It is no coincidence that the papers fall into these four areas, as these
are fields with a very international dimension and hence the use of
English, as the increasingly global language, is naturally very important.
Indeed, all the papers included in this publication are in English and
mainly focus on English. On the other hand, the contributors to this
volume come from a range of different countries and mother tongues. This
diversity represents the international interest in English as a language
of specialized discourse and communication.


John Flowerdew/Maurizio Gotti: Introduction
Inmaculada lvarez de Mon y Rego: A Contrastive Study of Encapsulation
	and Prospection in Written Scientific Text
Inmaculada Fortanet/Juan Carlos Palmer/Miguel Ruiz: Academically
	Speaking: The Use of -ly Adverbials by British and American Lecturers
Irena Vassileva: Metamorphosis: Conference Abstract, Conference
	Presentation, Published Paper
Giuliana Garzone: The Use of Discursive Features Expressing Causal
	Relations in Annual Company Reports
Susan Kermas: Metaphor and Ideology in Business and Economic Discourse
	in British and American English
Gina Poncini: Specialized Discourse about Mergers and Acquisitions:
	Exploring a Cross-border Deal
Cinzia Bevitori: Speech Representation in Parliamentary Discourse.
	Rhetorical Strategies in a Heteroglossic Perspective: A Corpus-based Study
Louann Haarman: The Construction of Stance in BBC Television Coverage
	of the Iraqi War
Stefania Biscetti: Tag Questions in Courtroom Discourse
Ross Charnock: Forms and Functions of Ambiguity in English Common Law
Charlotte Taylor: Witness Strategies in the Hutton Inquiry.


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