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Language in Australia and New Zealand
Subtitle: A Bibliography and Research Database (1788 - Present)
2006, Mouton de Gruyter

Australia and New Zealand are hosts to hundreds of languages whose
interaction is at the heart of Language in Australia and New Zealand.
English constitutes the natural center and the full range of writings is
covered from 1788 to 2001, including dictionaries and glossaries.
Comprehensive coverage is given to the other languages - indigenous,
European, Asian, and contact languages - that have emerged throughout the
history of these nations, especially Kriol, Torres Strait Creole, and
Norfolk. The bibliography also includes onomastics and Australian and New
Zealand sign language.  Other themes covered are the interaction of
English with indigenous and non- English-migrant languages; language
maintenance, shift, and loss;  psycholinguistic and societal factors;
language policies; and educational responses.

Stored on media-neutral electronic databases, the bibliography offers the
following features

Users can enter any keyword to begin a search (lists of keywords are also
available). Each entry contains a number of keywords, which direct the
user to other related search terms or entries. Internal
cross-classifications and further searches within a search result are

Both the keywords and the comments for each entry give a clear indication
of the main topics covered by the publication, providing the user with a
detailed overview and systematic coverage of the many subfields of
research. Abstracts or notes are provided for most of the entries.

The bibliography does not only survey publications within their specific
areas of research, but also includes a wide variety of titles dealing with
the application of their findings in related fields and adjacent
non-linguistic disciplines. Publications covered include monographs,
collective volumes, articles in journals and edited works, proceedings,
and difficult to trace literature such as theses, dissertations,
pre-publications, unpublished manuscripts, online publications, as well as
reports from institutions. In these cases, details on accessibility and
location are added, thus avoiding time-consuming searches elsewhere.

Future editions will include feedback functions so that users can submit
further information and/or abstracts, making the bibliography interactive.
Annual updates: up to new 1000 entries are planned.

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