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Anybody interested in the journal should send an email to wpel at gse.upenn.edu.

The working papers in educational linguistics journal has come out with a 
language policy issue with the following table of contents: 

Towards a Theory of Language Policy
            BERNARD SPOLSKY 
Status and Acquisition Planning
and Linguistic Minorities in India
            CYNTHIA GROFF 
Medium of Instruction in Secondary Education
in Post-Colonial Hong Kong: Why Chinese? Why English?
            WEI ZENG 
Transnational Endangered Language Communities
and the Garifuna Nation
Language Policy in Multilingual Organizations
African-American Language and American Linguistic
Cultures: An Analysis of Language Policies in Education
            JULIA DEÁK 

WPEL is sent to university faculty and departments of education, TESOL, 
linguistics, educational linguistics, applied linguistics, and anthropology. To 
receive a copy of WPEL please send an email with your name, position, address, 
phone number, country of orgin, and email address to wpel at gse.upenn.edu with 
Mailing List in the subject box.

Academic departments and commercial publications are invited to arrange an 
exchange subscription by sending the editors of this journal one copy of their 
working papers (or similar publication) in exchange for each requested copy of 
Working Papers in Educational Linguistics.

Working Papers in Educational Linguistics
Graduate School of Education, LLED
University of Pennsylvania
3700 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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