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     August 2, 2007

*Manitoba socs it to cursers**By CP*

WINNIPEG -- Manitoba soccer players have a new foul to worry about.

Players caught swearing a blue streak or even cursing under their breath
will net themselves a red card as referees begin enforcing an existing
policy on bad language.

Starting yesterday, that policy became a zero-tolerance rule.

There will be no warnings -- any player or coach caught swearing will be
ejected from games sanctioned by the Manitoba Soccer Association.

Referees will not be allowed to use their discretion, said association
director Hector Vergara.

"In other words, a referee's not going to have the flexibility to say that's
OK today, but it's not OK for tomorrow. It's simply not OK," said Vergara.

"It's going to be strictly applied to the letter of the law."

The crackdown is aimed at improving the sport's image and making games more
family-friendly after complaints from parents were received.

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