Looking for article on invented languages (Esperanto etc.) and one on World Englishes

Emily McEwan-Fujita emilymcfujita at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 18:23:27 UTC 2007

  Is anyone aware of a nice review article (or meta-level article) about the history of invented languages such as Esperanto, and the ideologies of their inventors and promoters? I'd like to assign something like this to undergrads in my upper-level Language, Ethnicity and Nationalism course, as a companion piece to an article on the language(s) of the EU, in the final week of the course, with the topic being "Post-National and Supra-National Languages".
  For the same week, I'm also looking for a nice, compact and up-to-date review-type article about World Englishes -- can anyone make suggestions.
  Thank you very much!
  Emily McEwan-Fujita
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