Looking for article on invented languages (Esperanto etc.) and one on World Englishes

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I don't know of a single article that pulls this information together in quite this way, but the following may be useful:

Pool, Jonathan. 1991. The official language problem. American Political Science Review 85(2): 495-514.

Fettes, Mark.  1991.  Europe's Babylon: Towards a Single European Language?  History of European Ideas 13: 201-213. 

Fettes, Mark.  1997. Esperanto and language policy; exploring the issues.  Language Problems and Language Planning 21: 66-77.

There's also a book by Pierre Janton, Esperanto: Language, Literature, and Community (Albany: SUNY Press, 1993) -- plus loads of stuff on the Web.

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> Quoting Emily McEwan-Fujita <emilymcfujita at yahoo.com>:
> > Hello,
> >    
> >   Is anyone aware of a nice review article (or meta-level article) about the
> > history of invented languages such as Esperanto, and the ideologies of their
> > inventors and promoters? I'd like to assign something like this to undergrads
> > in my upper-level Language, Ethnicity and Nationalism course, as a companion
> > piece to an article on the language(s) of the EU, in the final week of the
> > course, with the topic being "Post-National and Supra-National Languages".
> >    
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