Book notice: Language, Ecology and Society: A Dialectical Approach

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Language, Ecology and Society: A Dialectical Approach
2007 Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

Author: Jørgen Christian Bang
Author: Jørgen Døør
Editor: Sune Vork Steffensen
Editor: Joshua Nash


'Language, Ecology and Society' presents a view of language and ecology from
a dialectical perspective. In this analysis, language is seen as a
multidimensional phenomenon, which both shapes and is shaped by mind, nature
and society. Contributing to the field of ecolinguistics, this volume
proposes a new paradigm termed Dialectical Linguistics, pioneered by Jørgen
Christian Bang and Jørgen Døør and based on research spanning three decades.
The book argues for a politically and morally responsible approach to
language and linguistics. The book opens with an introduction by Sune Vork
Steffensen outlining the theory of Dialectical Linguistics and the history
of ecolinguistics and stressing the importance of Bang and Døør's
contribution to this global movement.
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